About Us


At Natraj you can definitely share a traditional Indian style meal with your family and friends.

My name is Amarjit Singh and I work at the best Indian Restaurant in Long Beach with my wife Bubbly Kaur and daughter Ruby. I am from India and food is the center of our culture, in the state of Punjab. Its colorful and rather tasetful, arrousing your taste buds to the different curries and indian spices (originating in the asian subcontinent) that are added to the dishes.

The restaurant is located in the small town of Belmont Shore, alongside many other wonderful establishments. The restaurant itself has gone through many changes (owners, chiefs...), but now it seems that it has reached its zenith in becomeing a family run affair with friendly service and the food to go along side it.

We hope that you will stop by some time. The food is great and we have an enterage of regular customers to confirm that. For, the ones that are new to indian food start with somosas, a tandoori (oven) dish, one of the tikkas, and finish it off with some warm (caffine free) Indian tea (chai), or visit us during the buffet time. Oh and the food will not be spicy, unless you request it and are ready for it.

Studies show that Indian food is very healthy, and is always made from good fresh ingredients anywhere in the world. Our restaurant has wide range of menu items, brought to you from the best of traditional Indian food in India. You will find lots of delicious things on the menu, with so much to choose from; plus with so many vegetarian and vegetable dishes, you will find it a good way to introduce more of the five-a-day daily recommended portions of vegetables to your family and friends.

Thank you very much From Amarjit, Bubbly, and Ruby