Tandoori Breads (Baked In The Clay Oven)

Aloo Paratha
Whole Wheat Bread Filled With Mildly Spiced Patatoes And Peas.
Cheese Naan
Naan Stuffed With Cheese.
Garlic Naan
Leavened Bread Lightly Garnished With Fresh Garlic.
Gobhi Paratha
Whole Wheat Bread Stuffed With Cauliflower.
Keema Naan
Leavened Bread Filled With Mildly Spiced Ground Meat.
Leavened Bread.
Onion Kulcha
Leavened Bread With Onions.
Unleavened Whole Wheat Bread.
Unleavened Plain Bread.
Sweet Naan
Naan Stuffed With Raisens And Cashew Nuts.